Intro Edit

The world of Tyrrn is but a backdrop to a larger battle between two forces, neither good, neither evil. Just... two sides constantly fighting back and forth.

On one hand, you have (Order) fighting to have the people in nice civilized places. Exactly how controlled is a matter they will sort out later, if ever.

The other side, naturally, is (Chaos). They strive to overthrow all things, to let people's nature out, so that they can progress in that way.

There is also a third party, the neutrals. They simply exist, and always will.

Spiritual beings and ideals Edit

The spiritual beings are usually the embodiment of an ideal. Some are ideals that conform to order. others side with chaos. Some flit back and forth. Others ignore them completely.

One of the most remarkable things is that these spiritual beings can be reborn multiple times. They aren't always the same race, and never at the same time.

Angels of order Edit

The angels of order follow (order). They include ideals such as unity, and teamwork. They all work hard to bring about the order that is needed. Often, (Order) will ask one of them to go down to Tyrrn, and accomplish a mission.

(Order) gives his will, and it is carried out by the higher angels. They pass the word along to the mid-level angels. They give it to the peons, who do most of the work. It is a bureaucratic way of doing things, and in the end, it works out.

Notable angels include:

Zed (Unity through common purpose/enemy)

Aleph (Unity through understanding)


Angels of Chaos Edit

The angels of Chaos

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