Intro Edit

There are several groups in the land of Tyrrn. They include nomads, city dwellers, and reclusive tribes. How they have managed to get along is a bit of a miracle, even though they honestly aren't all treated fairly.

Imperials Edit

The imperials dwell in cities, rarely moving around. They were the last to arrive in Tyrrn, and have brought the most changes.

They have white skin, and dark black hair. Their eyes are typically blue or green, though the occasional hazel has been known to crop up. They are not tall in frame, but usually fairly muscled. Rich people are often larger, due to a rich diet.

They are usually arrogant, and look down on other races.

They are ruled by a king, and his whims. He often has several councilors, who change on a frequent basis.

Traders Edit

No one knows when the traders arrived. They certainly were there before the Imperials. The traders live in vast caravans, taking their trade wherever they go. It is quite a sight to see a caravan go through a town. They bring news and goods from other villages and cities.

The trader is usually a smaller fellow, with dark, straight hair. His eyes are typically a shade of brown.

Each caravan has a head, and they will decide what needs to happen in the caravan, and when they are to arrive at their journey's end... or beginning, depending on which end of the argument you're on.

Renn Edit


The Renn are extremely reclusive. It is thought that they were there to begin with. They are not well thought of in Tyrrn, and don't think well of the others either.

The Renn are a most unique people. They have the ears and tails of a cat, along with the hearing and sight of one as well. Their eyes are very unique, in that they are usually yellow, purple, or orange. In rare cases, a red eyed Renn is born. They are a most diverse people, with skin tones ranging from pale to tan.

The Renn live in tribes, with rules as unique as they are. What one tribe finds to be acceptable behavior, another might find as crass. What might go punished by death in one tribe, might be considered amusing in another. In the end, the only rule that you can really follow is this: watch your step...

(As yet unnamed) Edit

Not much are known about these people, other than the fact that they have horns and tails, and bat like wings. They are usually pale, or red in color. Oh, and they live up north past the mountains.

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